work in progress

Bachelor Theses, Master Theses and Dissertations work in progress

Bachelor / Master Theses:

  • Fido U2F Software Authenticator (Elisabeth Rumetshofer)
  • Reproducible builds for embedded systems: case study OpenWRT (David Pfeffer)
  • Who is looking for me online? (Dusan Jaguzovic)
  • Practical attacks on DOCSIS networks (Christian Voglhuber)
  • Vulnerability Mitigation System (Thomas Steininger)
  • Raspberry Data Loss - Prevention/Intrusion Detection System (Tiberius Burcusel)
  • File-Carving Testgenerator (Michal Wasilewski)
  • Umbau eines P2P-Clients zur Beweissicherung bei Filesharing (Alexander Lemmé)
  • File-based) Encryption for Linux (Oliver Lorenz)
  • Security and Encryption under Android (Tobias Aichinger)
  • Linux Videoüberwachung nach öst. Recht (Stefan Proksch)
  • Mehrstufige Authentifizierung mit Hilfe von handelsüblichen Android-Smartphones (Thomas Schartmüller)
  • Handbuch für den sicheren Einsatz von Applikationsprotokollen (Robert Söllner)
  • Disaster resistant networkmonitoring (Marc PETER)


  • Script-based adaptive support of collaborative e-learning (Florian König)
  • Privacy-preserving digital identities on mobile devices (Michael Hölzl)
  • Template protection for biometric authentication on mobile devices (Rainhard Findling)
  • Secure user interaction on mobile devices (Peter Riedl)
  • Multi-factor biometric authentication on mobile devices (Muhammad Muaaz)
  • Multi-device authentication on mobile devices (Daniel Hintze)
  • Synchronization and sensor data transmission on public, critical infrastructures (Andreas Aichhorn)
  • Secure cloud backup of digital identities (Omid Mir)
  • Secure Execution of Code (David Gnedt) - together with Institute of Systems Software (SSW)