Master´s Theses Seminar SS

Students present and discuss the progress of their Master's thesis. They learn to critically reflect on the presentations of other students and to give inputs during discussions. 

Course content: 

Presentation of the progress of the Master's thesis; Demonstrations of implemented solutions; Discussion of and reflection on the presentations. 

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Hours per semester: 
Max. participants: 
S3 218

Clarity and elegance of the presentations and demonstrations; progress of the Master's thesis.

Further information: 
Stuko news from Mai 2015: The duration of a Master's thesis is 6-12 months. At the beginning of a Master's thesis students have to create a timeline with milestones with their supervisors, to ensure that the thesis is completed on time. Students have the right to demand feedback of their work during this period of time. A lack of time management can affect the grading of the thesis. The thesis can be rejected, in case of exceeding the agreed time frame by twice.