Android Security Symposium 2015, 9-11 September 2015

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This symposium brings together people from different backgrounds (academic, industry, rooting/exploiting community) who are interested in and actively working on Android device security. The event will feature exiting expert talks on topics around the Android security architecture, trusted computing concepts, usable security for everyone, malware analysis and countermeasures. In addition there will be a PhD school where doctoral candidates get an opportunity to present their current research ideas.

NOVID20 Corona Tracking Analyzed by INS Researchers

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The NOVID20 SDK, a new framework for contact tracing just appeared. The project claims to focus on privacy and took an important first step towards transparency and public trust into privacy and security claims by making their source code publicly available. We took this chance and provide a first quick analysis of the openly available source code in our report The not so private way of tracing contacts: A first analysis of the NOVID20 Android SDK.